In my experience of nearly twenty years of counselling, mainly with healthy minded people reacting to life events, I have recognised the uniqueness of the individual. By integrating or fusing the various theoretical approaches to the unique needs of each person, I have managed to support people and enabled them to resolve their presenting issues.

What is Fusion Counselling?

Psychotherapy integration is an approach to treatment that goes beyond any single theory or set of techniques.

The integration of therapies involves the fusion of the best theoretical models that may be helpful for a particular client at different stages of their therapy. It is a methodical attempt to bring theories together in the best practice for the client.

An example of an integrated approach is the use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) using Psychodynamic Theory as a useful frame of reference for helping a client understand why they behave as they do, but using CBT to facilitate behavioural as well as intellectual change.

An integrative therapist should be able to say not only what works, but also why it works. Effectively creating a fusion of the most useful ideas they can find from other schools.

This integrative approach encourages the therapist to make intentional choices about combining theories and intervention strategies during different stages of helping to target a client’s particular areas of concern.